DNA Theatre

To Close January 1st, 2016.

After 11 years of presenting innovative and thought-proving aerial theatre, DNA Theatre will close on January 1st, 2016. I wish we could remain open, but our current company model is unsustainable in Baltimore. This decision has been tough but I believe we end on a high-note. You can read more about this decision below...

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An open letter to the friends of DNA Theatre from Artistic & Genearal Director, Kel Millionie:

A Brief History:

I founded DNA Theatre as a hobby in the Summer of 2004. The goal was to produce original theatre works in Baltimore showcasing our aerial talents. At the time, I never anticipated that the group would grow into the company that it has become today. We started with four artists, making small theatre for small audiences once or twice a year. Today we stand as a variable team of thirty-five creative professionals. At times, we have expanded to a team of more than sixty individuals. While this growth has been slow, it has not been without its inherent hardships. Sometimes we'd produce two or three shows a year. Sometimes the company would go into hibernation and produce only once a year. This inconsistency occurred because of my personal capacity to fundraise and time-manage. DNA Theatre has developed into something much more than a passion project. I am no longer able to sustain the company as its sole managing individual.

The Conundrum:

We are at a point in growth where we need our own space, and a staff of several full-time employees, to be successful or our work's quality will suffer. For several years, we have hopped from inadequate space to inadequate space making-do with what we can barely afford. DNA Theatre makes highly-technical performances with exceptional craftsmanship. Rehearsal and performance spaces must meet rigorous criteria. Ceilings must be of a minimal height and load bearing. Floor space must be clean, level, and vast. Rigging equipment must be easily and safely accessed. It is a full-time job searching for afordable rehearsal space with the infrastructure to support our endeavours.

Theatre In Baltimore:

The theatre scene in Baltimore is highly stratified. The community is a rich landscape of performance-based practitioners on every level. From the very small companies or soloists who produce one-off experimental works in the semi-condemned basement of downtown warehouses, to the LORT-B presence of CENTERSTAGE; every calibre of experience is available to the region's audiences. This diversity makes for a highly saturated market with every artist and company competing for the dollars of a limited patron base. There's only so much audience to go around. Recently, a full-house has been difficult to come by for DNA Theatre.

In Closing:

The company has grown beyond my capacity to holistically sustain our current operating model. We do not have sustainable cyclic income in which to hire more help. I refuse to trudge forward ignoring the glaring truth. This decision to close has been a hard one to come to terms with, but I believe it is the best possible decision. The entire company and I are proud of the accomplishments that 11 years have exhibited.

Thank you for being a part of our extended family. You may email me with any thoughts, questions, or concerns: